Musicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, lovers, parents… These are the many roles that Truth-I Manifest and Aradhana Silvermoon play in their day to day movements. From their production company, IStarVision and band I,Star, to their organic raw chocolate business, Silvermoon Chocolate, to their workshops, retreats, and coaching offerings as Dancing Star Well Being Arts, to their humble family life, gardening, meditating, and parenting an energetic 4-year old, Truth-I and Aradhana live their mission through a multifaceted swirl. Embodying a slow and steady, DIY approach to growing the ways they serve their community, they have stayed true to their big vision through ups and downs, alchemizing their gifts and modeling the change they wish to see in the world. As their projects reach new stages of fruition, expect to cross paths with them in diverse places..

From the heart of Appalachia, I,Star rises… Encompassing a core fusion of husband-wife duo, MC/poet Truth-I Manifest’s potent lyrical flow, and singer/songwriter Aradhana Silvermoon’s angelic melodies- with their stellar band’s profoundly funky prowess- I,Star’s performances are a dynamic interplay of hard-hitting rhymes weaving through evocative refrains, building to harmonies in the hooks. Their wholly original “folk-hop” carriage bears keen commentary on personal and global transformation, stewardship of the Earth, social justice, and love amidst it all. Whether in configuration as a duo with acoustic guitar and bare vocals, with one or more accompanists, or with the powerful layers of a 7-piece band and their improvisational gifts, I,Star inspires listeners to groove deeply and journey into their rich imagery and soundscapes. Displaying wide, genre- crossing versatility with influences of funk, world, reggae, and rock to accent their folk-hop essence, I,Star’s music has broad appeal to lovers of many flavors. In the expanding constellation of progressive and conscious musical offerings, these luminaries shine brightly.

Currently based in Asheville, NC, and formerly, Los Angeles, I,Star’s latest release was a music video for “All Eyes,” the lead single and title track from their upcoming full length album. To date, it has been viewed nearly 9,000 times on social media, as it has contributed to the conversation for healing the great divides in our modern society. In December, Truth-I and Aradhana did a fundraising single/music video for Standing Rock, an acoustic song collaboration with Cherokee Elder Yona Frenchhawk, “Stand On This Rock.” In its first three months online, it has garnered 16,000 views on social media, with enthusiastic feedback from around the world.

Aradhana and Truth-I released their debut I,Star record, Music and the Mood, in May 2011, the result of a six-month “honeymoon” following their musical wedding in October 2010. From beginning to end, the record transports listeners into realms ranging from the magical to the insightful to the romantic to the autobiographical, upon stellar musicianship and stylistic variety from their band. In May 2012, I,Star released a stripped down mix of their debut, Music and the Mood – Acoustic, that thrives in its simplicity. Aradhana’s solo record, Infinite Oneness, was released in 2005, and continues to be popular on Pandora worldwide.

Truth-I, Aradhana, percussionist Michal Oliver, keyboardist Rob Lenfestey, co-vocalist Ashe Tenderfire, bassist Kyle Nuccilli, and drummer Rowdy Keelor, are currently working on writing and recording the second I,Star album, All Eyes, with anticipated new single and video releases in the spring of 2017, with the full-length album slated for midsummer release. Long awaited Truth-I spoken word/hip-hop and new Silvermoon solo albums are also in the works!

With over nineteen years each of performing at festivals, colleges, clubs, yoga studios, tearooms, coffeehouses, and forests, Aradhana and Truth-I have had the opportunity to appear alongside a wide range of talented artists, including Michael Franti, Blackalicious, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Donna Delory, Rising Appalachia, The Polish Ambassador, Leon Mobley and Da Lion, Shimshai, Dustin Thomas, Elijah & the Band of Light, Lynx, Marya Stark, Maesyn, and The Human Experience, as well as internationally touring conscious hip-hop band, Luminaries, with whom they performed from 2006 to 2009. In 2008, their music video “Peace” with Luminaries, debuted at the Nokia Theatre during the Elevate Film Festival to broad acclaim.

From 2009-2011, I,Star held a musical residency at the world-renowned Ashram Health Retreat in Calabasas, CA, playing intimate fireside acoustic sets for many of America’s leaders in business, entertainment, and politics. Sharing their uplifting musical transmission for groups of people in the midst of transformational retreat experiences was deeply humbling and greatly contributed to their ability to create connection with their audiences.

After scaling back their touring for several years to relocate to Asheville, start a family, and launch their organic, raw chocolate company, Silvermoon Chocolate, Aradhana and Truth-I reemerged in 2014 with festival appearances around the Southeast, and a return tour to California and Hawaii (with an 11-month old!!). In 2015, the I,Star family grew larger again, with the addition of several current band members, while festival appearances and regional touring occurred from spring to fall. 2016 took I,Star farther than ever, from Massachusetts to Florida to Ohio, with an 8 weekend summer tour of band performances, acoustic cacao ceremony sets, and their enchanting chocolate booth at festivals across 7 seven states! Over the winter of 2017, the band has been in the studio and in the editing room, producing their single/music video “All Eyes” just in time for spring! Progress on their same-titled full-length record All Eyes continues and two more singles/videos will be released this winter alongside this long labored project. I,Star is confirming dates for the upcoming season, with Project Earth (MN), RootWire (OH), and LEAF Downtown (Asheville) already on the schedule.